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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Tire operations are the heart of our business. Those operations accounted for 481.6 billion yen-72.1%-of our 668.0 billion yen in net sales in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017.

Polymer technology developed in our tire operations has spawned successful business in several other product sectors. Multiple Business accounted for 114.2 billion yen-17.1%-of our net sales in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017. That segment consist mainly of high-pressure hoses, sealants and adhesives, electronic equipment coatings, conveyor belts, antiseismic products, marine hoses, pneumatic marine fenders, and aircraft fixtures and components.

Yokohama acquired Alliance Tire Group in July 2016. The ATG segment accounted for 63.4 billion yen-9.5%-of our net sales in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017.

Tire Operations

Principal products

Tires for passenger cars and light trucks, for trucks and buses, and for construction and mining equipment, industrial vehicles, and other applications; aluminum alloy wheels and other peripheral products.

Passenger car tires

Our marketing strategy in passenger car tires centers on four global brands: ADVAN, our flagship brand for high-performance products; BluEarth, our showcase line of fuel-efficient tires; iceGUARD,our winter-category tires; and GEOLANDAR, our tires for sport-utility vehicles. Through that strategy, we pursue sales growth while reinforcing the association of the YOKOHAMA name with high performance.

Truck and bus tires

In truck and bus tires, our product line extends from tires for light trucks to tires for large truck trailers. Our strategy in this sector focuses on products that feature superior fuel economy and accommodate multiple retreadings and on high-value-added products, such as ultra wide base tires. We opened a new plant for truck and bus tires in Mississippi in the latter half of 2015.

Off-the-road tires

We produce high-quality off-the-road tires at a dedicated plant in Japan. The addition of 49- and 51-inch radial tires has fortified our presence in the growing market for large off-the-road tires for mining and construction equipment, and we are developing 57-inch radial off-the-road tires. We have bolstered our supply capacity in off-the-road tires, meanwhile, through an “offtake” agreement with a Chinese tire manufacturer. Our Chinese partner supplies us with off-the-road tires to market under the YOKOHAMA brand, and we supply the partner with related technology.

Motor sports

Participating in motor sports heightens awareness of the YOKOHAMA name and strengthens our branding. We supply tires for international racing series and for local racing events in nations worldwide. We became the official tire supplier for the Japanese SUPER FORMULA Championship series, Asia’s ultimate Formula racing series, in 2016.

Multiple Business

Principal products

High-pressure hoses; sealants, adhesives, and coatings; conveyor belts; antiseismic products; marine hoses; pneumatic marine fenders; Aircraft fixtures and components.

High-pressure hoses

Our global manufacturing and marketing network for high-pressure hoses supplies hydraulic hoses for automobiles, construction equipment, and machine tools and metal joints for hydraulic systems. We are a leading supplier of high-pressure hoses for construction equipment in Japan. And our subsidiary YOKOHAMA Industries Americas Inc. is a US leader in hoses for automotive power steering systems.

Industrial materials

The YOKOHAMA line of industrial materials encompasses marine hoses, pneumatic marine fenders, conveyor belts, antiseismic products, highway joints, and other products. In marine products, we are a global leader in pneumatic marine fenders and in marine hoses.

Sealants, adhesives, and coatings

We deploy a broad range of sealants and adhesives under the Hamatite brand and a growing line of coatings for electronic equipment. In construction sealants and automotive window sealants, we are a leading supplier in Japan. We have also developed coatings for applications in growth markets in electronic equipment, and we are building a strong market position in coatings for smartphones, for light-emitting diode displays, and for other products.

Aircraft fixtures and components

Our business in aircraft fixtures and components centers on lavatory modules, drinking water tanks, and other components of lightweight materials. We supply those products to commercial aircraft manufacturers and to Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

Golf Equipment

In golf equipment, we market golf clubs and other products under the PRGR brand. Our business in this product category centers on Japan, but we are building a market presence in the Republic of Korea, in China, in Taiwan, and in Southeast Asian nation.

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