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Last Updated: March 2, 2017

Net Sales Net Income Net Sales Net Income

Yokohama’s profit attributable to owners of parent declined 48.3% in fiscal 2016 (January to December 2016), to 18.8 billion yen, on declines of 22.4% in operating income, to 42.3 billion yen, and 5.3% in net sales, to 596.2 billion yen.

Yokohama’s operating income exceeded the projection announced by the company in August 2016, though the figures for profit attributable to owners of parent and net sales were below the August projections. The downturns in sales and earnings reflected adverse conditions in overseas tire markets, including the appreciation of the yen and declining prices. Yokohama achieved an increase in earnings in its tire business in Japan.

Yokohama’s fiscal projections for 2017 call for profit attributable to owners of parent to increase 59.7%, to 30.0 billion yen, on a 12.2% increase in operating income, to 47.5 billion yen, and a 10.7% increase in net sales, to 660.0 billion yen.

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