Corporate Governance

Last Updated: May. 29, 2015

Management and Operational Responsibility

We employ a corporate officer system to help ensure promptness in making decisions and in putting the decisions into practice. Our system differentiates clearly between operational responsibility, invested in the corporate officers, and decision-making and oversight responsibility, invested in the Board of Directors. Presently, the senior-management team comprises 26 members: 9 directors, including some who serve concurrently as corporate officers and including 2 recruited from outside our organization, and 14 corporate officers.


We have built an effective and efficient auditing framework based on coordination among our corporate auditors, an independent public accounting firm, and a system of internal controls for the entire Yokohama Group. Three of our five corporate auditors are from outside the company, which helps ensure the independence and fairness of the auditing function. The auditors rigorously monitor the legality and appropriateness of the work performed by the directors.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management Committee monitors risks that have a material bearing on our management and devises appropriate responses to those risks. In addition to coordinating a response to emergencies, that committee evaluates significant risks and leads work on building a seamless risk management framework.

Ethical Compliance

The Compliance Committee, chaired by our president, and our Board of Corporate Auditors receive reports immediately about suspected serious breaches of laws, regulations, or our corporate guidelines by anyone in our organization. We work systematically to sensitize all employees to the importance of ethical compliance, and we have appointed a compliance monitor in sector of operations at the parent company and at each subsidiary. The monitors share pertinent information, including monthly reports about ethical compliance in the operations for which they are responsible. Our measures to ensure ethical compliance include internal channels for reporting suspected violations e-learning curricula designed to deepen understanding and raise awareness of corporate ethics.

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