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Topics (Consolidating our Growth Potential)
Consolidating YOKOHAMA’s potential to pioneer the next 100 years

TOPICS 1Winning the Trust of Automobile Manufacturers All over the World

We will continue to provide our fuel-efficient "BluEarth" tires to consumers around the world, so that they may continue to enjoy driving with peace of mind. The technology behind our "BluEarth" tires earned credibility in the marketplace by satisfying both maximum fuel efficiency and wet grip capacity, and the tires have been used widely, in private cars and buses as well as in trucks and construction vehicles.
In the ground transportation industry, the increased dependence on automobiles associated with the expected population growth has made the further reduction of carbon-dioxide emissions an increasingly challenging issue, and the installation of fuel-efficient tires is strongly desired. While the standards for endurance and safety have become increasingly strict, our products meet those requirements and have been adopted by many automobile manufacturers. We will continue to improve the environmental performance of our products.

Message from the person in charge

In terms of tire uniformity (weight balance) in general, the quality of our tires is at the top of the industry. The speed of our new-product development is also highly regarded. Our delivery of SL class products for Daimler AG is a prime example of the confidence in our tire technology, as the performance of our tires must match the performance of vehicles on which they are used.

Mr. Mathias Fink

Mr. Mathias Fink
YEU General Manager OE Business

Our Onomichi Plant, which produces large-size tires for construction machinery, was granted the Platinum certificate, the highest certificate in Caterpillar Inc.’s Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP), for the third consecutive year, in recognition of our production capacity and distribution service network, as well as the global provision of our products and services.

Mr. Andrew Zeisse, Mr.Tsuyoshi Johnson

Left: Mr. Andrew Zeisser YTC OE Director
Right: Mr.Tsuyoshi Johnson

YTC Manager OE Accounts

TOPICS 2International Public Relations and Our Social Contributions

We signed a sponsorship agreement with the prestigous CHELSEA Football Club in the English Premier League, because we feel agree with their approach as a sports team that encourages both each member’s day-to-day efforts to improve his skills and the teamwork necessary to play fair games against competitors. Following the example of the Chelsea FC, will also continue to "play fair games" in a variety of arenas, beginning with motor sports.
Chelsea FC established The Chelsea Foundation in order to promote Football as a way of addressing various social problems, such as education, character building, and crimes by young people. The Chelsea Foundation supports more than 1 million children and young people in more than 30 countries worldwide every year. We also support their activities and continue to conduct community support activities with Chelsea FC as a good partner.