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Important Issues
2Together with Local Communities

Yokohama Rubber addresses community issues by conducting locally-oriented activities that value the importance of communicating with local communities.

We build a trusted identity as a contributing member of the global community by making contributions to the development and prosperity of local communities.

Contributing to the reconstruction of earthquake-affected areas with the know-how acquired through our "YOKOHAMA Forever Forest Project"

Since 2007, our "YOKOHAMA Forever Forest Project" has been planting trees at domestic and international production sites according to the Miyawaki method, in which we do not simply "plant" trees but rather employees at each production site are actively engaged in the whole process from rearing the seedlings to cultivating and growing the trees. Making use of our experience with the "YOKOHAMA Forever Forest Project," in 2012 we constructed a 300-meter long "Inochi wo mamoru mori no bochotei" (Forest on Coastal Levee that Protects Lives) in Otsuchi town, Iwate, one of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The forest was named "Heisei no mori" (Forest of the Heisei Era), and in the three years since its establishment, together with townspeople we have planted 150 meters of the area with trees. Showing his appreciation for the project, the mayor of Otsuchi Town, Mr. Ikarigawa, commented that "the rubble here isn’t simply disaster waste, but is a part of the daily lives of those who suffered from the earthquake here, a memento of lives lost, in a certain sense. The forest created out of that rubble is a commemorative forest for us, and also serves as a valuable reminder so that the disaster will not be forgotten in the future."
In 2014, 64 fourth graders from Otsuchi Elementary School planted trees in "Heisei no mori" under the mentorship of Dr. Miyawaki, as a part of their classwork for "Furusato ka" (hometown studies). We will continue to collaborate in tree-planting activities at elementary schools, in hopes that planting seedlings which they will rear by themselves in the forest overlooking and protecting their hometown, "Mori no bochotei," will nurture students’ love of their hometown.
We are also engaged in similar reconstruction assistance through tree-planting in other areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Since 2012 we have participated in a tree-planting project "Sen-nen kibou no oka" (Hill of thousand-year hopes) in Iwanuma city, Miyagi, by providing seedlings. Beginning this year, 2015, we are planting trees in Fukushima’s Somakoyo Football field, where they contribute to a disaster-prevention center in collaboration with the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Re-use of Debris: Great Forest Wall Project. We will also join the tree-planting in "Inochi wo mamoru ‘Kibo no mori tsukuri’" (‘Creation of a forest of hope’ to protect lives), a forest with a total length of 10km along the coastline of Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to prepare for the possibility of Tonankai earthquakes.

Message from a staff member
Atsushi Kanazawa  CSR and Environmental aairs department

The fourth graders at Otsuchi Elementary School joined our tree-planting project last year in our reconstruction efforts in Otsuchi town. I felt rewarded to see the children, who went through the painful experiences of the great earthquake right before their entrance into elementary school, plant trees with delight. Now, the seedlings in pots have grown just as the children have. I am deeply moved by thinking about the children proudly talking about the forest to their own children in the future, when the seedlings they planted have become a forest that protects lives. I hope that the tree-planting project will help people in the town to look to the future.

Atsushi Kanazawa
CSR and Environmental affairs department

Message from an elementary school teacher who participated
in the tree-planting activity
Ms. Noriko Sotodate  Head Teacher, Otsuchi Gakuen elementary school

The Great East Japan Earthquake destroyed the center of Otsuchi Town, resulting in huge numbers of human causalities. Under such circumstances, the children in the town live with a belief in the bright future.
Otsuchi Gakuen Elementary School has a course called "furusato ka" (hometown studies), an educational program to foster children’s appreciation of their hometown. It has been 2 years since our fourth graders participated in the tree-planting project with the people from Yokohama Rubber, as a part of this educational program. This "YOKOHAMA Forever Forest project" has been a great opportunity for each student to think about disaster-prevention, the preciousness of life, the global environment, and town development in the future.

Ms. Noriko Sotodate
Head Teacher, Otsuchi Gakuen elementary school