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Yokohama Rubber's ISO26000 Compliance Activity Report

In FY 2014, the Yokohama Rubber Group identified priority issues for each group of stakeholders.
In this section, we report on the priority items identified according to ISO26000*1 and our progress toward achieving them, as well as the data requested for disclosure.

*1 ISO26000 :
A set of guidelines created by the International Standards Organization (ISO) on the social responsibilities of companies and other organizations.

[Self-evaluation code]
◯: Achieved or improved △: Unachieved or unchanged ☓: Deteriorated

Organizational Governance

Our Goals

Accomplishments Self-assessment
Economic performance

Allocation of economic value (non-consolidated)

FY 2013…381,424 million yen
FY 2014…397,087 million yen


Training participants (non-consolidated)

FY 2013…1,245
(Participation rate 93 %)
FY 2014…5,788
(Participation rate 99 %)
*among eligible employees

Whistle-blowers (consolidated)

FY 2013…27
FY 2014…31

*2 Stakeholders :
The individuals, groups and concerned interests with a stake in the activities of a company or any other organization.

*3 Compliance :
The act of abiding by laws, regulations, and social norms.

Human Rights

Our Goals

Accomplishments Self-assessment
Child labor / forced labor

Number of jobs identified as suspected child labor or forced labor

FY 2013…0 (consolidated) 0 (suppliers)
FY 2014…0 (consolidated) 0 (suppliers)

Human rights complaint management system

Official number of complaints to the system (consolidated)

FY 2013…0
FY 2014…0

Labor Practices

Our Goals

Accomplishments Self-assessment
Occupational Safety and Health

Lost worktime rate (consolidated)

FY 2013…0.42
FY 2014…0.40
*per 1 million hours

Training and education programs

Cost for education and training (non-consolidated)

FY 2013…171 million yen
FY 2014…177 million yen

Diversity and equal opportunity

Female employment rate for main career track (singly)

FY 2013…32 %
FY 2014…38 %
*Additional information: rate of female employees (consolidated): 12%

The Environment

Our Goals

Accomplishments Self-assessment
Raw materials

Total amount of raw materials used (consolidated)

FY 2013…766 thousand tons
FY 2014…791 thousand tons


Water intake (consolidated)

FY 2013…8,280 thousand m3
FY 2014…8,660 thousand m3

Products and services

Environmentally-friendly product rate among all of our products (consolidated)

FY 2013…93%
FY 2014…95%

Biodiversity Conservation

Implementation rate of conservation activities at production sites (consolidated)

FY 2013…29%
FY 2014…46%


Total consumption (consolidated)

FY 2013…1,180,827MWh
*298,937KL converted to crude oil
FY 2014…1,231,611MWh
*311,668KL converted to crude oil

Air emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions (consolidated)

FY 2013…
Scope1   328 thousand tons
Scope2   328 thousand tons
Scope3 23,301 thousand tons

FY 2014…
Scope1   334 thousand tons
Scope2   351 thousand tons
Scope3 30,844 thousand tons

* Due to the expansion of the scope of calculation

Environmental complaint management system

Official number of complaints to the system (consolidated)

FY 2013…0
FY 2014…0

*4 Value chain :
The overall series of activities or stakeholders providing or receiving value in the form of products or services.

Fair Operating Practices

Our Goals

Accomplishments Self-assessment
Environmental, human rights, and labor practices of our partners Social impact assessment

Percentage of partners that we started working with after impact assessments (consolidated)

FY 2013…100 %
FY 2014…100 %

Social impact complaint management system
(partners’ compliance)

Official numbers of complaints to the system (consolidated)

FY 2013…0
FY 2014…0

Participating companies in our CSR workshops for partners

Number of participating companies / participation rate (non-consolidated)

FY 2013…298 companies 90.5 %
FY 2014…299 companies 90.3 %
*Small and medium size companies with which we have a stable amount of business

Consumer Issues

Our Goals

Accomplishments Self-assessment
Safety and health for our customers, labeling compliance of our products and services

Number of violations of regulations or voluntary codes concerning product safety, labeling, and provision of product usage information (consolidated)

FY 2013…1
FY 2014…1
*There was a recall of our tires that was our responsibility, although it was not a violation of laws

Community Participation and Community Development

Our Goals

Accomplishments Self-assessment
Local communities

Community activities at production sites Implementation rates (consolidated)

FY 2013…100%
FY 2014…100%

Promotion of the Forever Forest Project

Number of trees planted in a year / number of seedlings provided (consolidated)

FY 2013…39,791 / 55,635
(total 326 thousand trees, achievement rate 65%)

FY 2014…43,644 / 71,404
(total 369 thousand trees, achievement rate 74%)

Presence in the local communities

Percentages of sites which pay salaries higher than minimum wage (consolidated)

FY 2013…100 %
FY 2014…100 %