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Third-Party Opinion

The description herein refers to the opinions based on this report, a related website; interviews held with persons in charge from Yokohama Rubber’s Raw Materials Procurement, Human Resources, Corporate General Affairs, Quality, Safety and CSR departments; and field observation on biodiversity conservation activities at the Mie Plant. Suffice to say, Yokohama Rubber’s various approaches to CSR are steadily progressing under the PDCA*1management cycle, especially with regard to its mitigation of environmental impacts.

*1 PDCA :
A method for continually improving operations through the repeated cycle of plan, do, check and act.

Mr. Hideto Kawakita

Hideto Kawakita

Hideto Kawakita
CEO and Editor/Publisher of Socio Management International Institution for Human, Organization and the Earth (IIHOE)

The International Institute for Human, Organization and the Earth is a non-profit organization established in 1994 for the democratic and balanced development of all the lives on the earth. Although it mainly provides management support for citizens’ groups and welfare workers, the group is also heavily involved in providing CSR support to large corporations. (Japanese language only)

Truly Commendable Areas

While Approving of Progress, Areas that May Require Further Improvement

*2 Stakeholders :
The individuals, groups and concerned interests with a stake in the activities of a company or any other organization.

*3 ISO26000 :
A set of guidelines created by the International Standards Organization (ISO) on the social responsibilities of companies and other organizations.

Response to Third-Party Opinion
 Fumio Morita, Director and Managing Corporate Officer Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Division Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

While we have received certain positive feedback regarding our CSR initiatives, we take suggestions and recommendations very seriously, as something to be improved upon in continuing to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.
Safe workplaces, as well as the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, represent the very foundation of our corporate management, and employees of the Yokohama Rubber Group carry out their duties closely in line with our action guidelines. On top of this, in order to pursue sustainable business activities in Japan and overseas in a stable manner, we will carry out biological diversity conservation studies and work closely with suppliers, while developing an employee-friendly workplace environment where employees can contribute their skills and abilities, through greater expansion our nursing care system, to accommodate the need of employees in an aging society. To that end, we will continue to hold discussions and dialogue with our stakeholders in the future.

Fumio Morita
Director and Managing Corporate Officer
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Division
Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.