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Editorial Policy for CSR Website

Editorial Policy

Information Disclosure both through Booklet and CSR Website

We are disclosing our information by separating into booklets and website considering the nature of the mediums used.
Booklets: Introduces representative initiatives summarized as the critical issues of the Yokohama Rubber Group to be achieved by the Company for each group of stakeholders, consisting of the global environment, local communities, customers, shareholders and investors, business partners, and employees.

Website: Identified priority initiatives in accordance with ISO26000 and discloses information in reference to the GRI guidelines. It has been created while giving consideration to factors such as the ease of understanding our stance as a company and the progress of PDCA while improving searchability by leveraging the strengths of the web.

Period of Information Disclosure

Basically, it contains the fiscal year of 2014 (from January 2014 to December 2014).
* It contains the status until July 2015 should there be any major progress.

The Range of this Report

It covers the Yokohama Rubber and its Group Companies both domestically and overseas.
(We report information on both upstream and downstream affiliates to the extent possible.)

Economic Aspects Yokohama Rubber and their Subsidiaries under consolidated account.
Environmental Aspect

It contains the data from 27 of our operation sites both domestically and overseas, and all of our domestic sales companies.
(Includes information on both upstream and downstream affiliates to the extent possible.)

Social Aspect It contains a part of our various activities at Yokohama Rubber Headquarters, our seven domestic operation sites, and our Group Companies both domestically and overseas.

Guidelines for Reference

"Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2012" by the Ministry of the Environment in Japan
GRI "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 4"
* GRI=Global Reporting Initiative
ISO26000 (guidelines concerning social responsibility)

Yearly Upgrading History of our CSR Online Edition

January, 2016 (once a year)
*The previous time was in September, 2014.

*The next time is scheduled for July, 2016.

Editor Contact of this Report

CSR Report Editorial Group

Corporate Communications Department: +81-3-5400-4531

CSR & Environmental Affairs Department: +81-463-35-9512

Notes Concerning Forward-Looking Statements

This report contains projections, statements regarding plans and objectives, and other forward-looking statements. All such statements are made based on the assumptions and judgments derived from information available at the time of printing (July 2015), and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual performance to differ, including not only the business activities of the Yokohama Rubber Group but also global and economic trends and changes in the global environment. We hope all our readers understanding in advance the preceding description.