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Yokohama Rubber Group at a Glance

Yokohama Rubber Group at a Glance (as of December 31, 2014)

* In order to be consistent with our overseas subsidiaries for consolidated accounting, we have decided to shift our financial closing date from March 31 to December 31 as of the fiscal year of 2011.

Economic Dividends to our Stakeholders

Stakeholders Dividends Amount (unit: JPY million) Calculation Method
FY 2014 FY 2013
Partners 287,037 270,477 Cost of Sales + Sales Admin Fee (excluding labor costs)
Employees 52,403 49,966 Cost of Sales + Sales Admin Costs (labor costs)
Shareholders 7,747 7,103 Payment of dividends
Creditors 3,361 3,183 Interest expense
Government 20,923 25,725 Corporate income tax, etc.
Society 37 56

Donation (entertainment) and others <research labs for high schools and universities>

Internal 25,579 24,914 Net income less dividend payments
Total 397,087 381,424  

* The figures for "Creditors" and "Government and administration" are for Yokohama Rubber on a consolidated basis, while the other figures are on a non-consolidated basis.

Financial Support Received from Government

The total amount of the financial support for tax or subsidiary from national or municipal government in the fiscal year of 2014 was JPY 1.5 million from corporate tax relief due to donation expenses due to extraordinary amortization of assets under the regulations for peninsula development.

Mainstay Products and Group Companies by Segment

Breakdown of Operations by Region
Number of Companies: Consolidated Subsidiaries and Affiliates Accounted for by the Equity Method