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Customer Privacy


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    Number of complaints submitted relating to customer privacy

  • FY 2014 results

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Responsible departments

Tire, industrial products, and sports products sales departments

* Operations are supported by the Corporate Compliance Department, product planning departments, and system departments, and confirmation is conducted by the Personal Information Protection Committee and the Risk Management Committee.

Stance and target

Why is "Customer Privacy" a critical issue to be addressed?
Explanation of the reason and background

There are many opportunities to hold the personal information of customers in the business activities of the Yokohama Rubber Group. We fully recognize the importance of the handling of personal information received from customers, and for this reason we acquire information through appropriate methods, and we use and store such information correctly.

Policies and stance towards handling complaints

Privacy Policy

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. and the Yokohama Rubber Group (hereinafter, the "Company") has established the following basic policy on the handling of personal information, and has the appropriate measures for protecting all personal information including customer information.

  1. In accordance with the establishment of the Personal Information Protection Act and the Company’s subsequent compliance provisions, Yokohama works to ensure that all relevant employees are thoroughly aware of the protocol and procedures and that they handle personal information in a proper manner.
  2. Yokohama collects and uses personal information to the extent necessary after informing or indicating to customers the purpose(s) of use.
  3. Collected personal information is never provided to third parties unless consent from respective customers has been given or is permitted by law.
  4. Yokohama is establishing regulations and safety measures to prevent and redress the illegal access, leakage, loss or destruction of personal information received from customers.
  5. A framework is in place to properly handle personal information through an information administrator and/or information administrative department.
  6. In the event that customers request that their personal information no longer be displayed, revised or used, or be removed from the database, such customers are requested to contact the personal information contact desk. The requested action will be taken within a reasonable period of time.
  7. Yokohama strives to accurately address changes in societal norms regarding the handling of personal information, and works to reassess and improve privacy policies and other compliance regulations as necessary.

Vision (attainment goal) / target

The Yokohama Rubber Group will establish a system for the use of personal information received from customers in product development, various notices such as new product introductions, and repairs and after-sales service while managing this information strictly to ensure that it doesn't leak outside the company.

Measures for vision achievement

  • The department that manages personal information will be clarified for each product.
  • Department personnel will be educated on the basics of personal information management.
  • The results of activities and other matters will be reported at the Personal Information Management Committee every quarter.

Review of FY 2014 activities

In September 2014, the basic design of the privacy policy for the Yokohama Rubber's official website was made uniform throughout the Group.
The Personal Information Management Committee was held in April and August 2014, and there were no issues concerning the personal information of customers.

Issues and future improvement measures

As there are issues concerning the enrichment of education concerning the protection of personal information, the Corporate Social Responsibility Division will work to properly provide information to the relevant departments as an improvement measure.