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The Environment


Currently, society faces various issues such as the depletion of natural resources, climate change, and the destruction of ecosystems, and all business activities have an impact on the environment. Furthermore, it is also a fact that changes in the environment can lead to major risks involving business continuity. For this reason Yokohama Rubber works to minimize its environmental footprint in all business processes. As part of these efforts, environmental assessments are conducted on the items of global warming prevention, resource recycling, resource conservation, and safety and comfort, and only the products that fulfill the criteria are released on the market in order to expand environmentallyfriendly products.
This way of thinking and these activities have been clearly stated in the Environmental GD100 and Yokohama Rubber Environmental Policy as declarations both inside and outside of the company of our position as top-level environmentally-friendly company. In addition, the actions that should be taken by employees are stipulated in the Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines.


Environmental GD100

Following the principle of dealing fairly with society and valuing harmony with the environment, we shall assert our worldclass strengths in technologies for protecting the environment.

  • Continued improvement of environmental management.
  • Action to combat global warming.
  • Contributing to the creation of a sustainable recycling society.

Yokohama Rubber Environmental Policy

Following the principle of dealing fairly with society and valuing harmony with the environment, we shall assert our worldclass strengths in technologies for protecting the environment.

  1. Under the Top management, Yokohama Rubber will globally initiate environmentallyconscious measures in all of its activities, and will make all of its manufactured goods environmentallyfriendly products.
  2. Yokohama Rubber will deepen communications with stakeholders and will strive to make contributions to local communities and to society as a whole.
  3. Yokohama Rubber will strengthen its environmental management system and will continually strive to help improve the environment by using preemptive approaches to mitigate its impacts on the environment, prevent environmental pollution, and reduce sensory nuisances.
  4. Yokohama Rubber will comply with all related laws, regulations, and agreements as well as endeavor to continually implement activities that help improve the environment.
  5. Yokohama Rubber will strive to prevent global warming, conserve energy and resources as well as promote resource recycling aimed at the fulfillment of a recyclingoriented and lowcarbon society.
  6. Yokohama Rubber will strive to conserve biological diversity and use organic resources in a sustainable manner in its business activities.
  7. Yokohama Rubber will promote harmony with local communities as part of its commitment to work with and become a company that is trusted by local communities.
  8. Yokohama Rubber shall publish this policy and make it known to all.

Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines

We shall harmonize our activities with the global environment.

Basic Stance of the Yokohama Rubber Group

  1. As members of a corporate group with the highest levels of contribution to the environment, we shall take up the challenge of environment-related issues and help to build a sustainable society.
  2. We shall construct and operate mechanisms for companywide management in order to observe environmental laws and regulations in each host country and region.

To practice our basic stance — our action

  1. We shall observe all laws and regulations for prevention of air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, etc.
  2. In accordance with laws and regulations, we shall control environment-burdening substances, strive to reduce environmental risks deriving from them, and exclude prohibited chemical substances from our product manufacturing processes.
  3. In all stages of our business activities, we shall eliminate the waste of resources and energy, and reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.
  4. In all stages of our business activities, we shall promote the reduction of industrial waste derivation and final disposal volumes.
  5. In order to preserve biodiversity, we shall engage in various activities in accordance with our Guidelines on Biodiversity.

Message from a manager

In an aim for harmony with the global environment and in order to achieve sustainable business management, the Yokohama Rubber Group is promoting the homogenization of global environmental management for the fulfillment of a lowcarbon society, the fulfillment of a recyclingoriented society, and the preservation of biological diversity. For the fulfillment of a lowcarbon society, we will deliver environmentallyfriendly products and work to reduce greenhouse gas emission (GHG) throughout the entire value chain in accordance with medium to long-term targets. For the fulfillment of a recyclingoriented society, we will promote the recycling of regenerated rubber, reduce industrial wastes, and increase the number of production bases that have achieved completely zero emissions. In the preservation of biological diversity, we will conduct surveys and preservation for the stable supply natural rubber overseas and to reduce water risks in environments near business locations.
Furthermore, we believe that the tree planting and seedling activities in local communities and disaster areas as part our Yokohama Forever Forest Project reflect our intent to work together with local communities in order to continue protecting our blue earth.
We will promote these activities in coordination with Group companies in locations including China, Asia, North America, and Europe.

Ichiro Suzuki
General Manager,
Head of CSR & Environmental Affairs Department, Corporate Social Responsibility Division

Vision for FY 2017

Main action items to be addressed first

The following items have been established as the main action items that the Yokohama Rubber Group will address first in consideration of the level of impact of business activities and the level of social interest.

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