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Economic Performance

Responsible department

Each business location and department

Stance and target

Why is "Economic Performance" a critical issue to be addressed?
Explanation of the reason and background

Yokohama Rubber will celebrate its 100th anniversary since foundation in 2017, and so that we can continue to be a manufacturer of tire and rubber products needed by customers for the next 100 years, it is necessary that we provide products and service that improve customer value and expand on a global scale. To this end we recognize the sustainable demonstration of economic performance to serves as the source of funds for improving customer satisfaction, providing products and services typified by Yokohama Rubber’s unique presence, a sound financial structure, and active investments as an important issue.

Vision (attainment goal) / target

Phase IV (FY 2015 to 2017)

Consolidating our growth potential 〜 Consolidating YOKOHAMA’s potential to pioneer the next 100 years

We will improve customer satisfaction and maintain sound finances while expanding the scale of our business through products and services that are unique to Yokohama Rubber.

Phase IV quantitative targets
In 2017

  • Net sales 770 billion yen
    Operating income 80 billion yen
    Operating margin 10.4%
  • ROA (net income) At least 5%
    ROE (net income) At least 12%
    D/E ratio No more than 0.8 times

Measures for vision achievement

We will conduct integrated efforts through the development and executions of tire and MB business strategies and technology strategies that anticipate the future social environment, external collaboration and cost reductions, and CSR activities.

Tire business strategy Focus on the global OE (new car installation) market
Improve presence in markets with high levels of demand and customers
Expand production goods tire business
MB business strategy Global expansion of automotive parts business
Expand to gain top share in marine products
Global expansion of construction machinery and mining business
Expand new business through unique technologies
Technology strategy Develop more advanced material recycling and environmental technologies
Global production and supply of Yokohama quality
Establishment of foundations for next generation technologies
Company-wide strategy
CSR initiatives
Development and promotion of global human resources
Initiatives in response to CSR critical issues in accordance with international standards, etc.

Phase IV themes and quantitative targets

Review of FY 2014 activities

Distribution of economic value to stakeholders

Stakeholders Distribution amount (million yen) Calculation method
FY 2014 FY 2013 FY 2012
Business partners and suppliers 287,037 270,477 275,246 Cost of sales + SG&A expenses (excluding personnel expenses)
Employees 52,403 49,966 48,706 Cost of sales + SG&A expenses (personnel expenses)
Shareholders 7,747 7,103 4,021 Dividends paid
Creditors 3,361 3,183 2,518 Interest paid
Government and administration 20,923 25,725 9,175 Corporate taxes, etc. paid
Society 37 56 29 Donations (entertainment expenses), etc. [High school and university laboratories]
Internal 25,579 24,914 28,590 Net income - dividend amount
Total 397,087 381,424 368,285  

* The figure for "Creditors" and "Government and administration" are for Yokohama Rubber on a consolidated basis, while the other figures are on a non-consolidated basis.

Considerable financial assistance received from government

The amount of financial assistance in taxes and subsidies received from national and municipal governments was 15.0 million yen.