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Risk Management

Risk Management System

In order to strengthen our defense system against various risks in our operating environment, we have established a Risk Management Committee headed by the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Division to manage risks in a cross-sectional manner and handle properly anything that may a significant impact on the management of our company. Furthermore, in response to the specific individual risk involving compliance, safety, disasters, information security, and export management, we have established committees and councils including the Corporate Compliance Committee, Central Safety and Health Committee, Central Disaster Prevention Council, CSR Council, Environment Council, Information Security Committee, Personal Information Protection Management Committee, and Export Control Committee. We have prepared and developed regulations, guidelines, and manuals for implementing risk management, and we also conduct education and training activities.
The status of the activities of each of these committees and councils are reported to the Management Meeting as appropriate and reported to the Board of Directors when deemed necessary.
There were no risk issues reported to the Board of Directors in FY 2014.
Going forward, we will not neglect our daily activities and implement the PDCA cycle by identifying possible risks, considering countermeasures, notifying the parties involved, and conducting verification.