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Human Rights


Human rights are the fundamental rights that have been granted to all people, when taking into consideration processes back to the stage of the procurement of raw materials, there is an extremely large number of people involved in Yokohama Rubber’s business and an extremely diverse range of human rights that should be respected. In addition, as our business activities expand on a global level and we become increasing involved with a diverse range of people, the probability of having a direct impact or indirect impact on human rights violations increases.
For that reason, we believe that it is important to fulfill our responsibility towards respecting human rights while taking into consideration the range of our impact, and accordingly the Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines state that human rights should be respected both inside and outside of the company and stipulate the actions that should be taken by employees to this end.


Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines

We shall respect human rights inside and outside the company

Basic stance of the Yokohama Rubber Group

We shall respect human rights, and shall not practice or be a party to discrimination or harassment.

To practice our basic stance — our action

  1. With an awareness of the diversity of the people working for us, we shall refrain from any action grounded in discrimination for reason of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, or other attributes. In addition, when we notice any such action, we shall resolutely point it out and urge its correction.
  2. We shall refrain from harassment in any shape or form.
  3. We shall not permit any violent behavior in the workplace.

Message from a manager

As the Yokohama Rubber Group expands production and sales bases overseas, it will employ more local employees and conduct more transactions with suppliers in each country and region. We will remain strongly aware of respecting human rights both inside and outside of the company in recognition of the possibility of violating human rights in local culture, customs, and business practices as we perform our business activities.
We will work together with suppliers at each business location to promote business activities without child labor and forced labor and respond properly to any inquiries or complaints regarding human rights.

Shuichi Fukutani
General Manager
Global Procurement Department, Raw Materials Procurement Department

Vision for FY 2017

Main action items to be addressed first

The following items have been established as the main action items that the Yokohama Rubber Group will address first in consideration of the level of impact of business activities and the level of social interest.

Data summary

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