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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. and Yokohama Rubber group companies (hereinafter “Yokohama”) frequently acquires personal information in the course of its operations. Cognizant of the sensitivity of this information, Yokohama views the proper handling of personal information as an important responsibility, and is working to develop suitable practices based on the core policies outlined below.

  1. In accordance with the establishment of the Personal Information Protection Act and the Company’s subsequent compliance provisions, Yokohama works to ensure that all relevant employees are thoroughly aware of the protocol and procedures and that they handle personal information in a proper manner.
  2. Yokohama collects and uses personal information to the extent necessary after informing or indicating to customers the purpose(s) of use.
  3. Collected personal information is never provided to third parties unless consent from respective customers has been given or is permitted by law.
  4. Yokohama is establishing regulations and safety measures to prevent and redress the illegal access, leakage, loss or destruction of personal information received from customers.
  5. A framework is in place to properly handle personal information through an information administrator and/or information administrative department.
  6. In the event that customers request that their personal information no longer be displayed, revised or used, or be removed from the database, such customers are requested to contact the personal information contact desk. The requested action will be taken within a reasonable period of time.
  7. Yokohama strives to accurately address changes in societal norms regarding the handling of personal information, and works to reassess and improve privacy policies and other compliance regulations as necessary.

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