Heat conductive adhesive

Heat conductive adhesive:YB series

  • YB series is a synthetic rubber system hardening type based on the rubber technology which the Yokohama Rubber holds with a tire and sealing material technology.
  • YB series is paste-like material and both humidity hardening at room temperature and heating hardening are possible for it.
  • Thermal conductivity is 1.5~4.5W/m・K.
Lineup excellent in the cost performance.
YB-107 YB-107

Features of YB series

It excels in the application nature in a dispenser.

  • YB series can be filled up to small gap.
  • The form at the time of an application is maintained by balance of few leveling performance and thixotorophy.
  • Good valance of long work time (about 12hours) and short tack time (about 10minutes).
  • YB series can re-work.

Heat conductivity

  • Adjustment thermally conductive with the almost same viscosity is possible from 1.5W/m・K to 4.5W/m・K.

Chemical contamination(Low out gas)

  • This product hardly emits out gas (chemical pollutant) including low molecule cyclic siloxanes which has a bad influence on various electronic components including a semiconductor.

For optical lens of DVD, CD

General properties of YB-107

  YB-107 Test condition
Material Synthetic rubber
Appearance Paste like
Color = Light gray
Density 2.80 Water displacement method
(JIS Z8807)
Viscosity (Pa・s) 340 BH type viscometer
Non volatile ratio 98.0% < After 80℃ * 4 hours
(JIS R3503)
Cure condition Room teperature - 80℃ -
 Cure time < 24 hours  Finger touch test
Tack free time 5 hours Finger touch test at 23℃,50%RH
 Hardness 40 - 80 Durometer type A
(JIS K6253)
Heat conductivity
4.5 Hot wire probe method
(Use Kyoto electronics
manufacturing QTM-500)
Volume resistivity 1011Ω・cm < 100V (JIS K6911)
Surface resistivity 1011Ω/□ <
Coefficient of
linear expantion
30 - 80×10-6/K Non contact test method
Residual quantity
of halogen
< 50ppm Heat chamber type air
method (JIS K2541)
Flash point 250℃ < (JIS K2265)
Expiration date 1 year from production Storage condition
Cool condition (5 -10 ℃)

For LED device

General properties of YB-5010

YB-5010 Test method
Material Synthtic rubber
Appearance Paste-like, gray Visual
Viscosity(Pa・s) 320 BH type viscometer
Density 2.40 Water dispacement method
(JIS Z8807)
Tack free time 1 hour Finger touch test at 20℃
Heat conductivity 2.0 W/m・K Hot wire probe method
(Use Kyoto electronics
manufacturing QTM-500)
Weight loss on
heating (%)
3.0 After 80℃ * 4hours
(JIS R3503)
Expiration date 6 months from production  Storage condition : Room temperature


  400gtube (20 piece/set)
  333cc cartridge (10 piece/set)


Handling condition

The shot pressure: about 2kgf/cm2~3kgf/cm2.
Cure temperature : room temperature or under 80 ℃ 


YB-107:Cool condition ( 5 - 10 ℃)
YB-5010:Cool condition ( 5 - 10 ℃).
                 Please avoid high temperature and high humidity.

The cautions on handling

  • Wear protective (glass, gloves, etc) when using the products.
    In case of skin contact, please wiping off with the immediately dry cloth and fully wash away with soapsuds.
  • Please handle at the place of well-ventilated and fire strict prohibition.